Chefi TRIKI, Ph.D.


Department of Engineering Innovation

University of Salento

Via per Monteroni, 73100

Lecce (Italy)


Tel: +39 0832 297 519

Fax: +39 0832 297 410






Curriculum Vitae (in Italian)



Refereed Journal Publications


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Papers Submitted for Publication


J31.        A Note on Using Partitioning Techniques to Solve Nonlinear Optimization Problems on Parallel Systems (with M. Al-Baali)


J32.        Approximated Neighborhood Evaluation for the Design of the Logistics Support of Complex Engineering Systems (with A. Alalawin, G. Ghiani and E. Manni)


J33.        The Multi-period Petrol Station Replenishment Problem: Overview of Optimization Models and Solution Methods (with A. Al-Hinai)



Refereed Book Chapters and Conferences Proceedings


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