Università del Salento

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

Advances in Group Theory and Applications 2007

Hotel degli Haethey, Otranto (Lecce, ITALY): June, 4th - 8th, 2007



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If you arrive by plane: the airport of Brindisi is the nearest airport to Otranto (about 80 km). Daily flights from Milan and Rome are available at different times.

We are going to organize a minibus service from the airport of Brindisi to Otranto. If you like to benefit of this possibility you have to communicate by e-mail to the organizers (advances07@unile.it), as soon as possible, the exact date and time of your flight.

However, there is a bus public connection from the airport to Brindisi central railway station (Brindisi Centrale) and to Lecce City Terminal.

If you arrive by train: you can find travel information to reach Lecce by visiting the website of Trenitalia. In Lecce you have to take a train of the South-East Railway Company (Ferrovie del Sud-Est) to Otranto.

If you arrive by bus: there is a direct bus connection from Florence and Rome to Otranto (Autolinee Marozzi).